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Experience a “Radio Retreat” this Lent 2010 with U.S. Catholic bishops. Listen to inspiring words and songs for Sunday Lenten reflection.
Franciscan Radio and the U.S. Catholic bishops encourage you to put aside today’s cares and worries, and take a “Radio Retreat”—online. Using either the Windows Media Player, Real Player or any MP3 player, including Apple’s iPod, take this opportunity to focus clearly on what God is saying to you this Lent. Each week a bishop leads you, in English or in Spanish, through the Lenten gospels. If you missed one, visit the archives.
Bishop Joseph N. Perry talks about God's forgiveness and the story of the prodigal son.
Encuentre un listado de todos los episodios en español del Retiro Cuaresmal Radiofónico y sinopsis de los programas.